There is nothing more frustrating than a troublesome complexion. While frequent breakouts and acne-prone skin are not considered a skin type, they are a skin condition that several people experience and attempt to treat. Those that suffer from breakouts will be the first ones to tell you, it can be...

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The skincare industry has a knack for developing quickly products that supposedly target a specific skin concern. All this “new product” hype makes us wonder if we’re somehow forgetting about the basics of skincare, or if our basic skincare routine could use a few upgrades.  Take, for instance, your cleanser....

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CBD is a buzzword that is popping up in everything from your favorite skincare lotions to your favorite gummies. You can find it in virtually any product that claims to be all-natural. Not all CBD products, however, are created equally, and it’s important to know a little about CBD, how...

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