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If you have ever struggled with getting quality sleep, you know it can be absolutely maddening. You aren’t alone. In fact, some thirty percent of us suffer from sleep issues either on a regular basis or even just from time to time.

The cumulative effect of not having proper sleep takes a toll on us mentally and physically. It can wreak havoc on our work life, place strain and stress on our family and relationships, destroy our social life, and leave us feeling physically ill and wasted.

Sleep issues can be caused by a number of both internal and external issues. Regardless of the cause of your poor sleep, you really just need a workable solution. Sure, you can try to take an over the counter medication that may or may not be habit-forming, but sometimes these are not only ineffective, but they can also actually make you feel worse. Waking up feeling hungover, lethargic, or foggy doesn’t exactly equate to a productive day.

If your sleep issues have been serious, you may have even consulted with your healthcare provider to determine if a prescription medication is right for you. If you’ve taken these and have been dissatisfied, you aren’t alone.

Fortunately, there is a solution that may work for you. Cannabidiol, or “CBD” is an all-natural chemical compound extracted from the hemp plant which has shown promise in helping people with mild to moderate sleep issues fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. CBD may be an effective treatment for people not only in helping them combat sleeplessness but also in restoring wakefulness and alertness the morning after they sleep.

At KULCBD, we provide CBD oil in tincture form to help people combat sleepless nights. Our powerful and potent tinctures pack in 800mg of high-quality, full spectrum CBD oil which can be ingested orally or taken sublingually. Our tinctures are always alcohol-free, unlike most tinctures, which use alcohol as the solvent to deliver their CBD oil.

Our CBD oil is delivered by means of multi-chain triglyceride (“MCT”) oil. MCT oil is a healthy fatty acid that can actually help CBD reach your bloodstream faster, by allowing it to bypass parts of the digestive process which break it down.

Here we will discuss some common causes of sleep issues, how CBD can help alleviate these underlying issues and help you regain sleep, and how much CBD you should take to get a great night of sleep.

Sleep Issues Caused by Physical Pain

Maybe you pulled a muscle, or maybe you’re dealing with everyday aches and sores. Regardless of the cause, your pain can sometimes keep you up all night. A natural and holistic approach is to try CBD.

CBD is an excellent soothing agent, and as such, it is popular for not only ingestion but also for use on targeted areas of muscle and joint pain. With just the right amount of soothing, temporary pain relief, you may be able to better relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep.

Sleep Issues Caused by Restlessness

It seems all of us have some kind of stubborn worry, especially in the current state of the world, even if it’s just occasional bouts of worry that seems to manifest for little to no reason. If restlessness and worry are keeping you up at night, you might be tempted to treat it with a glass of wine or a late-night mixed drink. Unfortunately, alcohol isn’t a great long-term option for helping you to sleep.

While a nice glass of merlot might help you unwind after a long day, it can definitely interrupt your ability to experience deep, REM sleep. When you don’t get enough deep sleep, you wake up tired and groggy as though you haven’t slept at all.

CBD oil may be able to help. When CBD oil is taken to help support mental wellness, you may be able to relax and feel a sense of calm, which can help encourage and invite sleep. Not only can this help you fall asleep faster, but it can also help you stay asleep.

Sleep Issues Caused by Environmental Factors

Sometimes you just can’t sleep because you’re in an unfamiliar place, or your familiar place just isn’t the best place to get a quality night of sleep. If you live near an airport, for instance, you could be kept awake by the take-offs and landings of planes. If you have a lamppost directly outside your window, you may be kept awake by the glow of the lightbulb. Maybe you’ve just experienced the loss of a pet that always slept in the room with you, or experienced a roommate moving out.

Regardless of the specifics, if your environment is keeping you awake, CBD oil may be able to help. Environmental stressors can place undue stress on our bodies and minds without us even realizing it. If you cannot make a change to your environment, you can use CBD oil to help calm and ease your mind, which can help mentally prepare you for sleep. Taking a CBD oil tincture may be a great way for you to overcome the change you are currently experiencing in your environment and get a good night of rest.

How Much CBD Do I Need to Take?

If only this question were as simply answered as it is asked. Unfortunately, one size does not fit all when considering the appropriate CBD dosage. Several factors determine CBD dosage.

Reason for taking the CBD product (i.e. temporary pain relief, relaxation, etc.)

Your own height, weight, and body chemistry

Quality of CBD oil

The concentration of CBD in your CBD product.

When you take these factors into consideration, you are better able to determine the appropriate dosage for treating your insomnia. A recent study suggested that an average dose of high-quality CBD oil for improving sleep fell between the range of 25mg to 1500mg per day. Obviously, the dose per person will be different depending on the person’s own statistics. A 200-pound man will need a higher dose of CBD oil than will a 120-pound woman. You may find that you need considerably less CBD oil than 25mg to help ease your body and mind to sleep.

Another consideration is the quality and concentration of the CBD you take. QUL wellness tinctures, for instance, are all formulated with full spectrum CBD, which is the highest quality CBD oil you can use. This type of CBD oil contains all extractable plant parts like terpene blends, flavonoids, and other important vitamins and minerals. When these ingredients are extracted along with cannabidiol, a CBD oil is said to have the entourage effect, which means all ingredients in the hemp plant are working concurrently together to bring about the maximum benefit to the user.

A tincture is truly only as good as the concentration of CBD it has inside. QUL wellness tinctures are all highly concentrated with 800mg of quality CBD. This means not only can you get a great dose of CBD oil with every drop, but you’ll also be purchasing a tincture that will last for a long time before it needs replacing.

Improving your sleep issues by using CBD is a smart, all-natural way to get the relief you need. CBD can help you fall asleep and stay asleep without the use of potent drugs that can leave you feeling groggy and hungover the next day. Determining the amount of CBD you need to encourage your body to sleep is dependent on your own body statistics, and the quality and concentration of the CBD product you are taking.


Directions for how to use QUL Wellness Tinctures: Shake well before using. Using provided dropper, take desired amount daily. Repeat as needed at home or on the run as a powerful hemp extract facial oil.

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