When it comes to powerful yet gentle exfoliation, keep an eye out for luxury skin care products that include apricot seeds in their list of ingredients. Especially if you have sensitive skin, you may have been hesitant to try a new exfoliating cleanser in the past because they can irritate skin with granules added to get rid of dead skin. Luckily, there are several natural ingredients that can exfoliate skin without also irritating it. One of those ingredients is apricot seed.

From Pit to Skin Care Product: How are Apricot Seed Made Useful?

In order to get the fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins that are found in apricot seeds into a skin care product, they are most commonly turned into a powder. This is done by drying the seeds, then grinding and sifting them until you get a fine powder, which can easily be mixed into a lotion, cream, or cleanser to add exfoliating benefits.

Toxic to Eat but Great for Your Skin

While some people may claim apricot seeds are great for treating other health issues besides skin problems, they can be toxic when consumed. That doesn’t mean apricot seed powder will damage your skin. There are a variety of beneficial vitamins and minerals that will help the look and feel of your skin without negative side effects.

What Can Apricot Seeds Do for Your Skin?

As an ingredient in skin care products, apricot seeds are an all-around great exfoliator to hydrate and rejuvenate skin. The combination of texture and beneficial vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids means your skin will be helped in multiple ways, just by utilizing this one ingredient in a skin care product.

Fatty Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals Boost Hydration

There are a variety of nutrients in apricot seeds that offer a side benefit to your skin in addition to exfoliation. In particular, they help boost hydration and moisture retention so that your skin retains its shape, keeping it looking younger and more radiant. This works hand in hand with exfoliating properties to prevent damaged skin cells and promote the growth of new skin cells.

Apricot Seed Powder Gently Exfoliates

Finally, the fine texture of apricot seed powder in skin care products helps gently remove dead skin cells in a gentle way. It adds just enough texture to effectively exfoliate skin, but not so much that it will grate on and irritate skin. Some sugar scrubs and other exfoliators with coarser granules can easily cause more problems for skin, especially if it is sensitive skin. This means apricot exfoliator will leave your skin softer and smoother without the irritation as it removes damaged and dead skin cells to help the growth of new skin cells.

A Mechanical Exfoliant that Works Fast

There are two different types of exfoliants: chemical and mechanical. Contrary to what you may think, both can be a result of natural ingredients. So then what is the difference between the two?

Chemical Exfoliants Work Without Any Abrasion

Certain ingredients may work as a chemical exfoliant due to their acidity or the presence of certain enzymes that will aid in removing dead skin cells without a physical component. There are no granules that rub against skin with chemical exfoliants, so they can be a great option for those with sensitive skin that is easily irritated. They can also have an impact on pores, helping them shrink and balancing oily skin.

Mechanical Exfoliants Work Faster

A more commonly understood exfoliator are mechanical exfoliants. These utilize microbeads, granules, or other natural materials, such as apricot seed powder, to aid in physically removing dead and damaged skin cells. While both types of exfoliants can help remove dead skin cells so that more new skin cells can grow, many mechanical exfoliants can be tough on sensitive skin. However, products that use natural materials like apricot seed powder use much finer granules that are gentle on skin and offer the fast-acting benefits of mechanical exfoliation with less chance of irritation.

Get Brighter, Younger Looking Skin with an Apricot Exfoliator

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