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More and more people are turning to homeopathic medicines and treatments for relief in an effort to move toward a more natural way of living. Nature has provided us with a wealth of beneficial, healing ingredients that are ours for the taking.

One of the most widely used homeopathic remedies is arnica montana, or “arnica” for short. Arnica montana is an herb that is common to parts of Europe, Siberia, and North America. It’s usage in traditional medicine dates back for centuries.

Arnica has gained more modern popularity in muscle and joint creams since the push for more holistic, traditional medicine has gained traction.

Arnica formulated pain relief is now a large industry, so it’s important to know not only a little background information on this herb but also to buy your arnica pain relief products from companies you trust.

KULCBD promotes a lifestyle of health and wellness that incorporates the use of traditional medicine and all-natural remedies. Our line of health, wellness, and beauty products contain a wide array of trusted plant-botanicals known for their healing and restorative properties. We combine high-quality, full and broad spectrum CBD oils with traditional herbal remedies to create products that you can trust to support your overall physical and mental wellness while helping to alleviate your everyday aches and pains.

We also test our products in third-party laboratories so you can be certain that the pain-relieving arnica you need and want is incorporated in our products in the amounts we say they are. We believe third party testing is crucial in developing brand trust and loyalty.

We use arnica montana in our muscle and joint cream, and know full well how deeply penetrating and relieving this vital herb can be for muscles and joints that are sore, stiff, and uncomfortable.

If you’re curious about arnica and its benefits, we’re here to help guide you. We’ll learn more about arnica montana, its history, how it is harvested and used in products, and learn more about its benefits.

What is Arnica Montana and How Do We Get It?

For centuries, this herb has grown naturally in temperate areas in Europe and Siberia. As more and more cultures discovered that arnica was an excellent topical pain reliever, the growth of arnica spread to Northern America, where it is popular in Canada and in parts of the northern United States. It grows best in high, dry, climates.

Arnica oil is typically extracted from the blossoms of the arnica montana flower. These blossoms are removed from the plant, dried, and then infused with a carrier oil (such as jojoba or CBD). The blooms are then removed, and the remaining oil is fully infused with arnica and is ready for use. While this process may seem simple, it requires a high amount of heat to properly extract the arnica and dissolve it into the carrier oil.

You can use arnica in oil form, or it can be added to creams and salves, which is a more popular way of administering arnica treatment. Since arnica is most often used for temporarily alleviating muscle and joint pain, finding arnica montana in a joint and muscle relief cream or salve is more likely than finding it in a tincture. It will also help the product last longer than if you use arnica that has been infused in something like a tincture.

It should be noted that arnica montana is highly toxic if ingested. In fact, it is so toxic and bitter-tasting that even residue from an arnica flower left on the tips of your fingers and then placed on your tongue can make you feel sick, leaving you trying to rinse the foul taste from your mouth. Symptoms of arnica toxicity are rapid heartbeat, gastrointestinal issues, and kidney and liver damage. Not only should you avoid ingestion of arnica, but you should also never use arnica cream on broken skin, as this can allow the arnica to penetrate into your bloodstream.

How is Arnica Montana Used?

Arnica is mostly used for its soothing pain-alleviating benefits. In this study, patients were given an arnica gel to use on irritated joints three times a day for three weeks. At the end of the study, the results found that the arnica gel was beneficial in providing temporary pain relief. This is incredible news for people who wish to relieve mild pain with traditional, homeopathic medicines.

Arnica is most popularly available in wellness creams. KULCBD’s muscle and joint body cream not only contains arnica, but also high quality, full spectrum CBD oil. CBD is also known for its soothing properties, and when used in combination with arnica, can truly deliver the one-two punch for pain relief.Our pain relieving cream also contains a blend of capsicum and menthol. Capsicum creates a tingling, heated sensation that helps relieve pain when initially applied. Menthol cools the skin and helps to soothe mild pain, as well!

Arnica is widely used and trusted as a topical remedy to help alleviate mild aches and pains. While many pain relievers are only effective when ingested, arnica can relieve pain topically, without entering your bloodstream and causing any other side effects or requiring anything (like digestion) from your body. This makes it popular because it is a less invasive way to treat pain than taking an internally ingested pain-relieving pill.


Arnica montana is a centuries-old herb that grows in high, dry climates, and is known best for its pain-relieving properties. Because arnica can be toxic when taken internally, it is best used in creams, lotions, and salves.

Arnica creams and gels are highly effective at providing temporary pain relief for a variety of aches and pains, especially in conjunction with other ingredients like CBD oil. When applied to the localized area of pain, arnica cream can deliver pain relief that can last for hours. Arnica can also be safely reapplied multiple times per day without risk of any kind of dependency.

KULCBD’s muscle and joint body cream is chock full of arnica, CBD oil, and clove flower, another all-natural pain-alleviating powerhouse. Our blend of natural plant botanicals makes our muscle and joint cream preferable as it is also able to deliver warm and cool sensations that can be especially soothing to sore muscles and joints to provide an additional layer of relief.

KULCBD relies on nature to provide the most advanced and effective plant-botanical based health, wellness, and beauty treatments available. We craft all our holistic wellness products with the consumer in mind and work closely with professionals who know homeopathic traditional medicine. As such, our products can be trusted and we stand behind them with a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee!


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