There is nothing more frustrating than a troublesome complexion. While frequent breakouts and acne-prone skin are not considered a skin type, they are a skin condition that several people experience and attempt to treat. Those that suffer from breakouts will be the first ones to tell you, it can be extremely difficult to manage. Redness and irritation accompany white and blackheads due to an overproduction of sebum and dead skin cells clogging pores. Acne sufferers may have breakouts continuously. Then there are also people that will have hormonal breakouts that occur in waves. But even those with generally clear skin can experience pesky breakouts that seem to pop up in the rudest of times! UGH!

Maintaining a Glowing Complexion and Tame Untimely Outbreaks

So, what can one do to try and tame these unfortunately timed outbreaks? The key to maintaining a clear and glowing complexion is a balanced skin care routine that is performed consistently. Balance and consistency are the most important aspects of any skincare routine. The need for consistency in a routine is, well, consistent among the skin types and concerns. Balance will have a different definition that shifts slightly based on skin type and condition.

Breakouts Can Affect Anyone, But You Can Stop Them

Even though balance can differ among the skin types, there is one condition that can unite the types and bring simplicity to the routine. Breakouts. When breakouts are a leading cause of concern, the treatment is generally the same regardless of skin type. At the very heart of things, the basics for treating breakouts are quite simple. First, thorough cleansing of the skin is necessary. When cleansing, the goal is to kill bad bacteria and remove unwanted debris. The next step would be to apply products that boost cell turnover. Lastly, moisturize with ingredients that help calm irritation and balance oil production. This is where the choices can be made appropriately for individual skin types. Extra treatments can be used as additional items within the routine. Again, these treatments are based on skin type and severity of the condition.

KULCBD skin care is here to help and make things a little less confusing. The formulas are very straight forward and efficacious while the system is easy and quick. The products are effective across various skin types. This allows one to see results and stay committed to a daily routine.

The KULCBD Exfoliating Cleanser is a gel-based cleanser that leaves the skin deeply cleaned and refreshed, but simultaneously conditioned. It is very common that people who suffer from breakouts prefer the �?clean feeling’ after washing their face. Sulfates often proved a tightness to the skin that is mistaken as the �?clean feeling’. When in fact, sulfates can cause more irritation to skin that is already experiencing irritation from a breakout! The KULCBD Exfoliating Cleanser is sulfate-free and uses natural sulfate substitutes that help effectively remove dirt and debris without irritating the skin further.

KULCBD's Exfoliating Cleanser Can Help Protect Your Skin

The KULCBD Exfoliating Cleanser offers exfoliation two ways, physically and enzymatically (chemically). Both are essential in the removal of dead skin and sebum build-up, which causes breakouts. When both methods are used in a routine, the skin will appear brighter and clearer. The physical exfoliation happens through the manually buffing of the product on wet skin. One can feel the Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Seed Powder as tiny beads rolling over the skin’s surface. The debris is then rinsed away. Chemical exfoliation occurs when enzymes move across the skin’s surface, devour and digest dead skin cells and debris. It is often a gentler approach for exfoliation, particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin. Pyrus Malus (Apple Fruit) Extract, found in the KULCBD Exfoliating Cleanser, is high in malic acid, an AHA that is very thorough as an enzymatic exfoliator. The anti-bacterial and astringent properties of the extract also aid in killing the bad bacteria that grow within clogged pores.

KULCBD's Night Repair Moisturizer Promotes Cell Turnover

Once the skin is clear of dirt and debris, it is important to encourage cell turnover on a deeper level as well. By consistently promoting new cellular life, the skin is brighter and has less time for older cells to sit and collect on the skin’s surface. Oil or sebum production is also more balanced with healthier younger cells present. The KULCBD Night Repair Moisturizer contains retinol that works within the deeper layers of the skin. The results are a brighter more even looking complexion with fewer breakouts. It can even help reduce the appearance of scarring caused from previous breakouts! Apply in the evening after cleansing.

As discussed previously, irritation is obvious when breakouts are present. Calming the skin is essential in reducing the appearance of redness and irritation. KULCBD skin care products are full of ingredients to help. Full spectrum CBD oil is found in each step of the skin care line up, even the Exfoliating Cleanser. While exfoliation itself is disturbing the skin’s surface the Full Spectrum CBD helps soothe and condition during the cleansing process.

KULCBD's Night Repair Moisturizer Promotes Cell Turnover

Probiotics are an additional calming ingredient within the KULCBD skin care regime. They help to balance the microbiome of the skin’s surface. This keeps the bad bacteria from growing and helps the good bacteria calm irritation, reduce redness, and help prevent future breakouts! While each product contains probiotics, The Night Repair Moisturizer has double the number of probiotics than the rest of the line. (Retinol and probiotics?! I’ll take two please!)

Irritation can come from products that are too thick and can cause clogged pores. Choosing a moisturizer that is lightweight but impactful is critical to keeping a clear complexion. The Anti-Aging Moisturizer not only has Full Spectrum CBD Oil but also many lightweight hydrating ingredients that will keep pores clear and skin happily hydrated.

Get Clear Skin with KULCBD Premium Skin-Care Products

After cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing with the proper formulas, it is time to add in specialty products. The KULCBD Glö Serum is designed as a beautiful daytime finishing oil for all skin types. It can be applied based on the preference of the user. The product is layered with nourishing ingredients that do not feel heavy or greasy. Geranium oil helps further balance the skin’s sebum production while other natural oils such as rose and tamanu help condition.

We also offer a variety of luxury skin care products specifically tailored to facial skin so you can feel confident every day.