There’s a lot of confusion surrounding CBD oil, and since the Farm Bill of 2018 was signed into law making the commercial production of hemp legal, you have likely begun to see CBD and CBD products in every store and on every social media channel. It can be extremely difficult to understand what CBD is, differentiate it from other hemp-related products, and ensure that the products and oils you are purchasing are of good and genuine quality.

Also difficult is figuring out exactly what the benefits of CBD usage are, and how it makes you feel. Because it is extracted from a variety of the cannabis-sativa plant, many people automatically think CBD will get you “high.” Spoiler alert: this isn’t true; CBD is not a psychoactive compound, and as such, you will not experience a psychoactive reaction or effect from the use of it.

If you’re feeling more confused, we’re here to help. KULCBD delivers high-quality CBD oil products that complement and promote a healthy lifestyle and overall sense of wellness. We consulted with Parisian and American skincare formulators who developed one of the first-ever CBD skincare lines. As such, we are confident we know the CBD industry better than most and can supply you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about CBD and CBD products.

We’re here to give you your complete guide to CBD products, how they make you feel, where CBD actually comes from, how you can be sure you’re getting the best quality CBD, and why you should be using them in your daily routine right now.

What is CBD?

“CBD” is the short, abbreviated name for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of over one hundred cannabinoids found in the varieties of the cannabis sativa plant. A cannabinoid is a naturally occurring chemical compound produced by these plants.

The cannabis sativa plant is grown in two main varieties; hemp and marijuana. The marijuana plant obviously provides marijuana, which is now used widely for medicinal purposes. This variety of the cannabis plant contains high levels of the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”). THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana which gives a user a feeling of euphoria.

Commercially grown hemp, however, is a variety of the plant that produces very low levels of THC and very high levels of CBD. As such, this variety is the one most used for the production of high-grade, quality CBD oil. Because this variety is so low in THC, it is possible for CBD to be produced without THC at all, or with only a trace amount.

There is a big difference between CBD oils and how they are extracted from the hemp plant. These differences determine the potency and effectiveness of CBD so it is important to understand them and how they are labeled on products you use.

Is All CBD Oil the Same?

No. Not all CBD oil is created equally. In fact, there are three methods by which CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant and produced.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is CBD oil that has been extracted from the hemp plant by itself. If a product contains CBD isolate oil, it means the oil contains only cannabidiol. You may think, “That’s what I want, right?” Yes and no. You definitely want CBD, but evidence suggests that CBD is most effective when it is used congruently with all the other usable plant parts that can be extracted with it, such as other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fibers, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This synergistic involvement of all the plant parts is referred to as the entourage effect.

When you use a product containing CBD isolate oil, you aren’t getting any of these vital plant parts, thus you will not experience the entourage effect.

CBD isolate is easy and inexpensive to mass-produce, making it a very popular CBD ingredient for low-end products. Your CBD product should have a purity label; if your CBD label says the CBD is 99.9% pure, chances are you are working with a CBD isolate.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD oil refers to CBD that has been extracted from the plant with all the usable plant parts except for THC. While this would be a great option for someone who cannot safely use any amount of THC, you will still not get the entourage effect from a broad spectrum CBD product. The benefit of using broad spectrum, however, is the ability of users who cannot use THC to glean the benefits of CBD without the trace amount of THC they would get from a full spectrum CBD product.

Full Spectrum CBD

This is the holy grail of CBD oils. This is CBD oil that has been extracted from the hemp variety of the cannabis-sativa plant along with a trace amount of THC. The amount of THC in full spectrum CBD products must be below .3% by federal law. This is the only CBD oil that will produce the entourage effect, which is the maximum benefit you can receive from any CBD oil.

If you have the option to use a product that contains a trace amount of THC, you will want to make sure that you always opt for products that contain hemp-derived CBD oil.

How Can I Know I’m Getting High-Quality CBD Oil?

This can be a tricky process. Because the FDA does not regulate products that contain CBD, virtually anyone can claim that a product contains a certain amount of “high quality” CBD oil, when in reality, it does not.

Because many companies choose to use this as a means to market products that aren’t beneficial and don’t actually contain much, if any, CBD oil, reputable companies offering high-grade CBD oil products have turned to third-party laboratories to have their products tested and given a certificate of assurance.

It costs a company a lot of capital to have their products thoroughly tested and assured, but for companies like KULCBD, we wouldn’t want it any other way. We are 100% committed to delivering products to our customers that they can trust. Our product ingredients have been tested and proven. We use only the finest broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oils in our products and we have the evidence to prove it. You should never settle for a CBD product that has not been third-party lab tested. If you do, there’s no telling what you are getting in your product.

How Does CBD Make You Feel?

As aforementioned, CBD is not psychoactive. This means you won’t experience a psychoactive effect when you use a CBD product. Even a CBD product that contains full spectrum CBD (which contains less than .3% of THC), will not produce a psychoactive effect.

What CBD is capable of doing, however, is relaxing and calming a nervous system that is overwhelmed with life, without producing any mind-altering effects. Users of CBD products sometimes take it to help alleviate restlessness and sleeplessness and enjoy it as a way to treat these issues in a natural and holistic manner.

If you’re still concerned that you might feel “high” from the use of CBD, take it from the medical experts. A recent Harvard study solidified the evidence that CBD usage will not get you high. This means you can take CBD oil as a supplement and not worry about feeling impaired. What you can expect is to potentially feel more relaxed, less stressed, and less worrisome.

Many users love to take CBD oil as an all-natural soother. CBD’s natural soothing properties make it a great remedy for skin irritation as well. Users of CBD skin products love the calming effect CBD has on areas of their skin that are red, irritated, dry, and/or itchy. Many users have even experienced success in reducing the appearance of acne with CBD, too.

Another beloved use of CBD is treatment for aching muscles and joints. The topical use of CBD in a muscle and joint cream can provide immediate relief to aches and pains without the use of chemical-laden topical analgesics which can hurt your skin or cause even deeper irritation.

CBD is an all-natural, plant-derived product that has been influential since ancient times. When extracted from the hemp variety of the cannabis-sativa plant, it can contain a trace amount of THC, or none at all, depending on the variety of CBD oil you elect to use. Full spectrum CBD produces the entourage effect, which means all plant parts work together to deliver the maximum benefit possible to the user.

CBD is not a psychoactive cannabinoid. It will not produce any mind-altering or psychoactive reaction in its user. CBD can help you feel relaxed and at ease, and can calm your mind and help you get ready for a great night of sleep. Using CBD topically can help treat skin irritation and also help soothe sore muscles and joints.

Using a high-quality CBD product is important, and you should always make sure that any CBD products you use come from a manufacturer that has had their products third-party lab tested.


Directions for how to use QUL Wellness Tinctures: Shake well before using. Using provided dropper, take desired amount daily. Repeat as needed at home or on the run as a powerful hemp extract facial oil.

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