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Even though modern medicine has advanced so very far in the past century, many of us are still in pursuit of more holistic, traditional ways to treat our ailments that do not require synthetic medication, scary chemicals, or things that don’t naturally come from the earth. As such, it isn’t surprising that we tend to turn to herbalists, holistically minded physicians, and of course, the internet, when we aren’t feeling well to see if we can find a suitable remedy that doesn’t require a doctor’s visit or a prescription for yet another crazy medication.

KULCBD appreciates the holistic, natural approach to both wellness and skincare. We do our best to provide products that are naturally derived, full of important plant botanicals, and the highest quality full-spectrum or broad-spectrum cannabidiol available. We began our journey into wellness and skincare by consulting with highly experienced plant-based skin care gurus who helped us develop the best CBD skincare lineup chocked full of important plant botanicals, antioxidant powerhouses, and restorative ingredients, so that users of our products could maintain their wellness journey even more effectively.

Beyond skincare science, we strive to help our customers maintain wellness, which is why we offer some of the industry’s best CBD tinctures. Unlike other CBD tinctures, our tinctures are not alcohol based, and instead utilize nutrient rich MCT oil. We also aim to bring our customers the latest information about holistic health and wellness trends they can count on. As such, we recently explored the properties of marshmallow root, and how it is used to help maintain wellness and how it can support several different major systems throughout the body.

Before we consider the benefits of marshmallow root, let’s learn a little about this supplement, where it comes from, and how it can be taken. We will also compare it to CBD oil, so you can determine whether either or both supplements are right for you and your daily health and wellness routine.

What is Marshmallow Root?

Marshmallow root is the name given to a group of plants in the same family. These plants have been used for centuries by ancient cultures to support immune health. Additionally, the leaves of the marshmallow plant are edible and can be added to salads or fried. Marshmallow root was also used in early marshmallow recipes, however it is not included in the marshmallows we find in our grocery store today.

Marshmallow root is indigenous to Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. In these areas in ancient cultures, the root was also used for culinary purposes, and was considered somewhat of a delicacy. It was also eaten as a nutritious vegetable.

The marshmallow root supplement we use today comes from this plant and is available in different methods of consumption. You can purchase marshmallow root in capsule form, or more popularly, in a tincture or powder form. Users of marshmallow root tend to enjoy the benefits of taking it in tincture form, as a tincture is more readily available to be absorbed by the body. A capsule must be broken down in the gut before the contents are available for absorption, and not all of the intended nutrient is absorbed.

Now that we know a little background information on marshmallow root, let’s look at some of the most surprising health benefits we can glean from it. Here are our top five benefits of marshmallow root.

Relieving Mild Upper Respiratory Discomfort

Marshmallow root secretes a substance known as “mucilage.” This thick, syrupy substance is a top choice for herbalists when fighting upper respiratory symptoms. Herbalists believe that the root is able to break down existing, excess mucus in the back of the throat. As such, they may prescribe a marshmallow root tea or recommend a tincture.

Here’s a little crash course in CBD oil:

Like marshmallow root, CBD oil is another excellent option for upper respiratory discomfort. Because CBD oil is a natural soothing agent, it can potentially provide relief for discomfort in the throat in particular.

Soothing Skin Irritation and Discomfort

Nothing is worse than dry, itchy, irritated skin. Whether you’re dealing with a sunburn, redness, windburn, or any other type of skin irritation, marshmallow root can be a great choice. In fact, it may even give aloe vera a run for its money in the soothing treatment of sun-exposed skin. This is because it is thought to be effective in improving swelling.

Because treating irritated skin requires the use of a soothing skin care product, CBD skin care has gained popularity with users who have occasional issues with red, irritated skin. The use of quality CBD skin care can soothe and help calm down “angry,” irritated skin.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Another aspect of marshmallow root’s soothing properties seems to also occur internally; particularly in the heart and arteries. It’s also a great way for potentially increasing your good cholesterol. While there is still research to be done, the soothing aspect of consuming marshmallow root appears to be universally accepted and used by our bodies, much in the same way as CBD oil is used. Our bodies recognize these ingredients as allies to help reduce swelling and support overall health.

Soothing Topically

Many who use marshmallow root love to use it topically for occasionally sore muscles and joints. This is because of the soothing properties of the marshmallow root. When added to a non-steroidal cream, users experience relief from stiff joints, mild muscle aches and pains, and minor abrasions.

CBD oil is also a miracle worker when applied topically to occasionally sore joints and muscles. In fact, a CBD oil joint cream can provide relief in as little as a few minutes when applied to a sore spot. A great CBD muscle and joint cream will also contain menthol, which is cooling and soothing to those mild aches and pains and can provide additional relief when needed.

Promoting Overall Health and Wellness

Marshmallow root seems to have benefits that are dramatic and quantifiable for its users. When used as a dietary supplement, marshmallow root provides to exert its soothing effects throughout the entire body.

Like marshmallow root, CBD oil is also a product known for being a whole-body soothing agent. Use of a CBD tincture as a dietary supplement is a great way to promote your overall health and wellness, and give your body vital plant nutrients that can help it function more healthfully.

CBD oil is available in tincture form for users who wish to take it regularly as a dietary supplement. It can be taken sublingually, or simply added to a favorite beverage or food. It is easily taken and generally well-tolerated by all. Most users report a feeling of overall wellness and health when they take a CBD tincture on a daily basis. Because CBD oil can have a calming effect, it is best to take it in the evening the first few times, to ensure that it does not make you tired. Once you know you can tolerate it, you can take it any time of day that works for you to ensure you enjoy maximum benefit.


Directions for how to use QUL Wellness Tinctures: Shake well before using. Using provided dropper, take desired amount daily. Repeat as needed at home or on the run as a powerful hemp extract facial oil.

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