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We are busier than ever before. In fact, the things that we use that are meant to de-stress our lives and keep things simpler like our smartphones often end up keeping us engaged in not so healthy social media posts for longer periods of time. The fabric of our lives is being stretched thin, and we are pushing past our limits each day. Not all of this is necessarily a bad thing; it’s great to be motivated and accomplished, and pushing ourselves to produce more and show up bigger and better can have great benefits.

The unintended consequences, however, can be bodies that are constantly sick, plagued with exhaustion, and minds and spirits that are completely drained. If you’re identifying with these feelings, you need to check your self-care program right now.

Self-Care and CBD

Self-care is a buzzword that typically shows up on memes with glasses of wine, pictures of pedicures, or massages. But self-care is so much more than the occasional treat; it’s an entire lifestyle that includes caring for your body, mind, and spirit. It incorporates physical, mental, and spiritual fitness so that you can experience the fullness of life and feel healthy and whole.

If you’re new to the self-care arena or are just looking to up your game, we’ve got your back. Using our daily guide can help you experience better overall wellness and keep you centered and feeling completely Zen. All it takes is a few minutes a day of intentional self-care, and some great products to help elevate your body, mind, and spirit.

A great way to think about self-care is to think of making intentional, healthy choices for your body.

This can be as simple as taking a multivitamin, or ensuring you are taking in enough water each day. But if you want to go deeper and really nourish your body on a bigger and more effective level, you can try using a high-quality CBD tincture.

Cannabidiol, or “CBD,” is one of over one hundred cannabinoids found in the cannabis-sativa plant. This cannabinoid has been used for centuries for its healing properties and to promote overall wellness and a sense of wellbeing.

Users of cannabidiol products state they feel healthier and happier and enjoy the sense of calm and enhancement to their daily routine.

KULCBD offers high-quality, full-spectrum CBD beauty and wellness products. We are committed to providing excellence in the CBD industry, and as such, we know the industry inside and out. Our products are all third-party independent lab tested, so you can be sure that what we say on the label is exactly what you get inside our products. We source only the best ingredients for our products and combine them in a way that allows them to work synergistically with one another so that you, as the user, experience the best results possible.

Using a CBD tincture in your self-care routine can help you relax, delivering benefits that promote healthy stress-management, and overall wellness.

We’ll explain how you can use a CBD tincture in your daily self-care routine, and also what other steps you can take on a daily basis to start a self-care routine that is simple, sustainable, and delivers results.

How to Start a Self-Care Routine Using a CBD Tincture

A CBD tincture is a high-potency formula of full-spectrum CBD oil infused with other flavors that you can take orally. Some tinctures contain alcohol, but KULCBD tinctures contain no alcohol and are all formulated vegan.

Tinctures are a great way to deliver the calming effects of CBD oil in a fast and easily absorbable manner. While a CBD tincture can simply be added to a drink or food, you can also easily take it sublingually.

KULCBD tinctures have amazing flavor and contain full-spectrum CBD oil. We never use CBD isolate in our tinctures, as they are cheaply made and do not produce the entourage effect, which refers to all portions of the cannabis-sativa plant working synergistically together to deliver maximum CBD benefit to the user.

Using a tincture in the evening can help melt away the stress of your day and give you a calm, relaxed feeling. When your body and mind are at ease you are better able to handle the amount of work and social responsibility on your plate.

Self-Care for Aching Bodies

Whether you are on your feet all day or seated behind a desk, chances are you come home stiff, tired, and just sore. It isn’t that you are out of shape, or that you’ve experienced an injury, it’s simply the repetitive position in which you constantly find yourself that causes your muscles and joints to ache.

Positive self-care encourages the treatment of daily aches and pains so that our bodies feel as good as they possibly can. Most of us, however, do not want to take aspirin or other medications on a daily (or even on an as-needed) basis. We don’t like the thought of putting chemicals into our bodies unless we absolutely have to. As such, we opt for natural, holistic ways to heal our bodies with the ingredients nature has provided.

Cannabidiol has incredible abilities when it comes to relieving everyday aches and pain, and has been used for centuries by ancient cultures for this purpose.

We can enjoy the same benefits today with the use of a high-quality CBD muscle and joint cream. Using CBD topically on sore body parts allows the ingredients to penetrate the skin and deliver relief without the use of medications or other topical analgesics that contain harsh chemicals that can burn or irritate the skin. CBD muscle and joint cream is gentle and effective at providing relief so you and your body feel that much-needed relief you’re looking for.

As an ingredient in skin care products, apricot seeds are an all-around great exfoliator to hydrate and rejuvenate skin. The combination of texture and beneficial vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids means your skin will be helped in multiple ways, just by utilizing this one ingredient in a skin care product.

Self-Care Skin Care

When we are stressed, fatigued, and overworked, it really shows on our faces. What once was a glowing, radiant palette of fresh skin is now dull, riddled with irritation, redness, and even acne. Stress can do that, and CBD skincare can help. Using some of the finest ingredients available, CBD combined with probiotics and plant botanicals can restore brightness to skin that is pallid and lackluster.

A great CBD skincare system will include:

Exfoliating cleanser. These cleansers are best as they not only cleanse the skin with CBD oil using the oil cleansing method, they also remove the top layer of dead skin cells which can clog pores and cause our skin to look unhealthy.

Anti-aging moisturizer. It’s never too soon to start turning back the hands of time, and nothing does this more effectively than a CBD anti-aging moisturizer. Complete with ingredients like probiotics and micro-algae, your skin will be super hydrated and radiant, resulting in more youthful-looking skin.

CBD serum. This is truly the holy grail of CBD skincare products and a favorite product of the self-care junkie. Think of it like a tincture for your skin. Highly potent CBD oil delivered directly to your pores in a silky, rich formula will definitely deliver the “glow” you’ve been missing.

Retinol reparative night cream. Your skin does the majority of its own “self-care” at night while you sleep. Treating it with a retinol repair cream that contains CBD oil can help ensure you wake up fresh-faced with skin that looks awake and healthy instead of tired and dull.

It’s important you incorporate proper skincare in your self-care routine. Not only can taking good care of your skin benefit you by ensuring you always look your best, but you can truly present an overall look of increased wellness by curating skin that looks like you’ve just had a month-long vacation on a tropical island.

What Other Things Can I Do to Begin Self-Care?

Proper self-care really is a journey, not a destination. As you begin to add things to your daily self-care routine, you will feel like they come to you naturally. Starting out with a few basics, like the incorporation of CBD usage in tinctures, creams, and skincare, can be a great way to start the process.

In addition, one of the biggest parts of self-care is ensuring you get adequate sleep.

Studies show that your body and mind perform better and at the most optimum levels when you get the amount of sleep your body requires. While the general requirement is eight hours, some people will need more or less depending on age and level of activity.

Another great way to ensure you are practicing self-care basics is by staying hydrated.

Most of us aren’t getting enough water, and it shows in unexpected ways-like brittle hair and nails, exhaustion, and overall feeling imbalance. Incorporating more water in your diet is a simple and effective way to practice self-care on a daily basis.

Self-care is something that shouldn’t be an option for any of us--we should consider it mandatory. Neglecting self-care results in burnout, sickness, and fatigue, and can even lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

An easy way to add self-care strategies to your daily routine is by incorporating the use of CBD oil in your diet and skincare. KULCBD offers high-quality CBD products that can assist you in achieving your self-care goals, so discover what’s available to you today!