Commonly used skin care products include moisturizing creams and lotions, but there are many other products out there that can help target more specific issues. If you have trouble with skin conditions on your face, some creams and lotions may be too much or feel too heavy. Skin serums are a light, concentrated blend of ingredients meant to encourage healthy skin through deep absorption. Our Glö Serumuses a combination of CBD, rose extract, milk thistle, and other natural ingredients, meant to reduce blemishes and irritation. CBD skin serum is the perfect addition to tackle certain issues.

Lotion vs Cream vs Serum: Which Will Work for You?

For many skin care issues, lotions and creams do the trick. Dryness, itchiness, and irritation are all aided by quality skin care products. But what happens when your biggest trouble area is your face rather than the skin on your arms or legs? Lotions, in particular, can feel heavy when applied to facial skin, which is why different products are created to serve different purposes.

Lotions and Creams are Great for Locking in Moisture

When your biggest skin care issue is dry, flaky skin on arms, legs, and other larger parts of your body, lotions are a great option. They help both moisturize and lock in moisture so skin stays hydrated. Creams can also be a great option for certain skin types looking for help with facial issues, such as preventing premature aging. Both lotions and creams tend to use mineral oils and other ingredients to help lock in moisture by creating a barrier on the skin.

Serums are Fast-Acting and Get Absorbed Deep into Skin

A quality natural face serum is created with different ingredients than a lotion or cream. Mainly, it doesn’t include ingredients commonly found in lotions and creams that are meant to lock in moisture. They also do not contain as many lubricating and thickening agents, as well as having both oil-based and water-based solutions for different skin types.

In general, skin serums are a liquid blend of concentrated active ingredients that can be applied to the skin using a dropper and is absorbed deeply and quickly into skin. While the ingredients list often makes skin serums more expensive than lotions or creams, when used properly, you should not require much during each use, meaning what seems like a small amount will last a long time.

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How to Tell if a Serum is What your Skin Care Routine Needs

Take a good look at what your skin type is and what skin conditions you’d like to target with your skin care routine. Certain skin types and conditions will be better suited for skin serum use than others – and serums could be used instead of or in combination with lotions and creams depending on your situation.

You Have Oily Skin

Those with oily skin may have trouble with lotions and creams due to ingredients used as thickening agents or which create a barrier on the skin. This created barrier can help or hurt skin depending on what problems you’re encountering. Using a skin serum on oily skin can be beneficial since it’s absorbed deep into the skin and water-based options are available to further limit extra oils on your skin.

Use Caution if You’re Dealing with Skin Irritation

Due to how rapidly skin serums are absorbed, certain skin conditions may be irritated by serums. Chronic skin conditions that weaken the skin barrier may mean a serum is absorbed too quickly. In this case, sticking with a lotion or cream may be a better option.

Use with Lotions or Creams for Dry Skin

When dry skin is your biggest worry, using a skin serum in combination with a lotion or cream may be your best bet. They each offer different strengths that can more effectively take on dry skin. A skin serum will be absorbed deep into the skin while lotion or creams will help seal the skin barrier, keeping in all the moisture and nutrients.

Finding the Right Blend of Products Gives the Best Results

When you’re looking to start or expand a CBD skin care routine, it’s good to look into the benefits of different ingredients and products. Each serves its own purpose. If you’re looking at adding a natural face serum to your daily routine, KULCBD’s Glö Serum is full of natural antioxidants, probiotics, and fatty acids to encourage radiant skin.