No one wants to wake up to pimples or flaky skin – but how do you tell whether it’s skin purging or a bad reaction to a new product? You may jump to the conclusion that your skin is breaking out and you have to change up your skin care routine again. That’s not necessarily true. There are a few ways to distinguish between skin purging, which is ultimately a good thing, and a breakout, which is a sign you should switch up your skin care products.

Skin Purging is Actually a Good Sign

While it’s bothersome for a while, if your skin is purging, that’s a good sign. The process of growing new skin cells has been accelerated and all of the layers with flakes and other buildup that is currently clogging your pores. Don’t worry, brighter skin is just on the other side.

Chemical Exfoliants Speed Up the Process of Creating New Skin Cells

Generally speaking, chemical exfoliants like acids and retinoids can greatly speed up the process of clearing out dead or damaged skin cells to promote new growth. When this exfoliation process is sped up, you’ll notice all of the grime and dry skin sitting under the surface rapidly coming up to the surface of your skin. That’s why it will look like your skin is extra dry, flaky, or inflamed – but all of that was really already there.

It Will Happen in a Place Where You Normally Notice Problems

A key component of skin purging is the fact that it will happen in areas of your skin that are already problems for you. If you usually break out around your jawline, that’s where skin purging will take place, too. If this is not the case for you, it may not be skin purging you’re experiencing, so pay attention to problem areas.

Wait Through a Full Skin Cycle to Work Through it All

Generally speaking, if you’re dealing with skin purging, it could take a full skin cycle of 28 days or longer to fully work through all the layers of gunk and grime. That may not sound appealing to you but you’ll come out the other side with brighter, younger-looking skin.

Avoid Too Much Extra Stimulation During a Skin Purge

During a skin purge, it’s a good idea not to irritate skin any more than it already is. Stick with a gentle skin care routine while your skin works through all the layers that need to be shed. Look for sulfate-free cleansers and moisturizers that will help ease irritation, rather than encouraging more. You should also continue to use the product that’s encouraging the skin purge, even if you may be hesitant. Continuing to use this product will keep the purge going as long as it needs to so that you end up with clearer skin. If you’re looking for a product that will encourage a skin purge while also soothing and moisturizing, our Night Repair Moisturizer uses both retinol and probiotics to both cleanse and soothe skin overnight.

Prevent Skin Purging by Easing into Certain Products

To prevent an uncomfortable episode of skin purging, you can try easing into new products that may trigger a skin purge. Instead of using a skin care product with retinol or another chemical exfoliator daily, try using it just two or three times a week. You’ll still benefit from it but you may avoid having to deal with a skin purge.

What Could Mean It’s a Breakout Instead?

If you’re dealing with inflamed, flaky skin or extra pimples, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s not a proper breakout, which could signal a sensitivity to a product you’re using. How do you tell the difference between a beneficial skin purge and a breakout?

Seeing an Exaggerated Response in a New Area of Your Skin

One of the easiest ways to tell the difference is by paying attention to location. If you rarely break out on your forehead but suddenly it’s covered in pimples, you’re likely experiencing a breakout and you should switch to a different skin care product.

Pimples That Last Longer

Another signal that you’re breaking out rather than purging is pimples that stick around a full 8-10 days. If your skin is purging, you’ll get a lot of flaky skin or pimples that come and go more rapidly. Each pimple may be replaced by another nearby, but each of those should stick around a much shorter amount of time because the process of purging and growing new skin cells is so accelerated.

If You Suspect a Breakout, Switch Products

Once you decide you’re dealing with a breakout, you should look for another product to try instead. A breakout is a sure sign your skin doesn’t agree with an ingredient in that product, so you’re only going to cause more harm than good by continuing to use it. Finding a product with more natural ingredients like our Exfoliating Cleanser is more likely to cause less damage to your skin, though everyone’s skin will react differently to various ingredients, including natural ones.

Need a New Luxury Skin Care Product to Try?

At KULCBD, we offer a variety of luxury skin care products to help cleanse and soothe your skin. If you’re dealing with a skin purge, a product like our Glö Serum will help soothe skin as you cycle through layers of flakes and grime. We also offer a variety of luxury skin care products specifically tailored to facial skin so you can feel confident every day.