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Top Reasons Your Face is So Dry and What to Do About It

You’ve probably dealt with dry skin once or twice before, if not chronically. But what can cause dry skin and how can you avoid it? If you’re wondering how to improve dry skin, read on. Some people are simply more prone to dry skin than others, but regardless, there are steps you can take to help lower your chances of having to deal with dry skin regularly.

Some Soaps Can Irritate or Sap Moisture

A lot of soaps and shampoos are meant to remove oil, which can end up drying out your skin and scalp, especially if you’re more prone to dry than oily skin. Pay extra attention to the ingredients in your face wash and look for one that includes moisturizing and hydrating ingredients. Using bar soap can dry out even the less sensitive skin on other parts of your body but especially so on your face, so be cautious about that as well.

Choose a Moisturizing Soap or Pair with a Moisturizing Cream to Combat Dry Skin

Whether or not you can find a moisturizing soap that works well for you, you can further combat dry skin by adding a moisturizing cream or serum to your regular skin care routine after washing your face. This will help rehydrate dry skin and prevent further instances of dry, flaky skin.

Products with a Fragrance Can Cause Dry Skin

Generally speaking, fragrance in skin care products will be more detrimental than beneficial to your skin’s hydration. This is because fragrance commonly causes allergic contact dermatitis. While fragrance is more common in body lotions and washes than skin care products for your face, pay attention to the ingredients in any lotions, creams, serums, and washes you use. You may not even have a reaction the first time you use it, but it can develop with further uses.

Look for Products Labeled Fragrance-Free

With certain products, you may have to inspect the ingredients list for any inclusion of “fragrance” or even botanical oils. Keep an eye out for the words “fragrance free,” but we aware that that label can be put on a product with botanical oils, which can still dry out your skin.

Washing Your Face with Hard Water Can Lead to Dry Skin

If you have a problem with hard water in your home, it may be coating your skin and preventing moisturizers from properly absorbing. Metals in hard water can thicken oils on your skin, clogging your pores and blocking moisture from being absorbed into skin cells, causing dry skin.

Add Products with Vitamins A and C to Counteract the Coating

One way to combat this is to eliminate hard water through a home filtration system. However, if that isn’t an option for you, adding skin care products with vitamins A and C can help counteract the coating on skin from hard water.

Using a Product with Retinol and No Moisturizer Can Exaggerate Dry Skin

Products with retinol or chemical exfoliators can speed up the regeneration process for new skin cells, which is beneficial. However, if this isn’t paired with a moisturizing agent, they can also dry out and irritate skin.

Pair Retinol with a Good Moisturizer

Find a moisturizing cream or serum that you can use after the product containing retinol. Or better yet, find a product with both retinol and a moisturizer. This will promote faster growth of new skin cells, sloughing off dead and damaged skin cells, and maintaining hydrated, bright skin. Our Night Repair Moisturizer as part of a CBD skincare routine helps both promote new skin cell growth and hydrate skin while you sleep.

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Genetics Can Make Dry Skin More Likely for Some Than Others

This may seem like common sense, but climates with low humidity will make your skin more prone to dryness and flaking. In these climates, it’s important to find a great hydrocortisone cream to stop dry, irritated, or chapped skin in its tracks. You can also limit the damage done by dry air by investing in humidifiers for your home.

Genetics Can Make Dry Skin More Likely for Some Than Others

Unfortunately, you can be genetically more prone to dry skin, along with other skin problems. If you know dry skin runs in your family, it’s even more important to keep up with a good daily moisturizer to keep dry skin and its damaging effects at bay.

Aging Increases Dryness

The older you get, the more prone you are to dry skin as your skin produces less oil. As you age, keep up with daily moisturizing as part of your skin care routine – or even more than once a day if you find yourself still struggling with dry skin.

KULCBD Products Can Aid in the Fight Against Dry Skin

We’re confident that once you try one of our products, you’ll see the difference. Whether you want to fight the effects of our environment, aging, or dryness, our products are scientifically crafted and tested to ensure all ingredients work in harmony.