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When you begin looking up information on CBD and CBD products, you’re bound to come across tinctures. Tinctures are methods of CBD delivery that are liquid in form and usually mixed with a solvent. You will find tinctures available in small bottles of usually one to two ounces in size, with a dropper attached. Depending on how far down the CBD rabbit hole you’ve gone, you may not know what a tincture actually is, what it does, and how they work. There’s a lot of misinformation about not only tinctures but about CBD. It can be very hard to separate fact from fiction.

We at KULCBD want to help eliminate the mystery that surrounds CBD and CBD related products. We aim to make them more mainstream and help the general public understand how CBD is beneficial to their health, wellness, and skincare, and how it differs from other hemp-related products they may associate with CBD.

We also craft CBD tinctures in five different flavors that are not only beneficial and effective but are easy to take. Our tinctures are rich, smooth, and shelf-stable. QUL wellness tinctures contain 800mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, which makes them highly potent. One of our tinctures can last for a very long time depending on how much an individual person uses on the day to day.

If you’re looking for all things tincture related, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll learn what a tincture actually is, how they are made, and what they are for. Because a tincture can be made from other plant and animal extracts, it’s best we start at the top with a little background information on CBD, in case you aren’t familiar.

A Quick Overview on CBD

Cannabidiol, or “CBD,” is an all-natural chemical compound found in the leaves of a particular species of the cannabis sativa plant. This plant has two species; one that is popular for producing marijuana, and one that produces an abundance of cannabidiol. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, so a CBD user will not experience a “high” like a marijuana user will. The compound in marijuana that produces the “high” is tetrahydrocannabinol, or “THC.” THC is not present in CBD isolate oils or broad spectrum CBD oils. While there is a slight trace of THC (less than .3% by federal law) in a full spectrum CBD oil, this is not enough to produce a psychoactive effect in someone who uses a full spectrum oil.

The presence of the trace amount of THC, however, is enough to allow a full spectrum oil to produce the entourage effect, which refers to the CBD oil delivering the maximum benefit of the hemp plant to the user because all of the usable plant parts are working congruently together. KULCBD only offers broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oil in our products, as we feel the most beneficial aspects of CBD are gained by these particular oils because they use more parts of the plant than an isolate oil, which only includes CBD, no other plant parts.

What is a Tincture?

A tincture can refer to any solution that contains a plant or animal extract, which has been dissolved into some type of solvent, which is usually alcohol. A tincture is created for the purpose of delivering the plant or animal extract to a user in a method that is not only palatable but absorbable by the body.

A CBD tincture usually consists of CBD oil, a solvent, and flavoring. A low-end tincture, for instance, will almost always contain CBD isolate oil, alcohol, and an artificial flavoring. These types of tinctures are usually a low concentration and sometimes marketed as “pure CBD” oil. This is a marketing ploy because the oil included is usually an isolate oil, which really only means that you aren’t getting any other useful plant parts, so the fact that the oil is “pure” isn’t a good thing in this instance.

QUL wellness tinctures are never made with alcohol as the solvent. Alcohol is a cheap solvent that doesn’t really bring the user any health benefit. Additionally, it doesn’t help your body absorb CBD. Research has shown that when CBD is taken with a fatty acid, your body is able to better absorb CBD.

As such, we craft our tinctures with multi-chain triglyceride (“MCT”) oil as the solvent. This highly beneficial fatty acid has many health benefits in addition to being a great way to deliver CBD oil to your body in a fast and effective way.

How are Tinctures Made?

You may have had some experience with tincture in your high school chemistry class. Your professor may have demonstrated the dissolvability of one chemical compound by another by mixing them together in a tincture.

There is little difference with creating a tincture for CBD oil. CBD oil is added to a solvent, like MCT oil. Then, a natural flavoring is added, and any other ingredients the particular manufacturer may think are beneficial to the user. Typically, even a tincture that has a high concentration of CBD oil is still a lower concentration of CBD, which begs the question, why use a tincture in the first place.

There are many reasons people love tinctures; here are just a few.

Tinctures are shelf-stable. Because tinctures are dissolved into a solvent, their shelf life is longer than just a normal CBD oil. This means it will last longer than a CBD oil. Especially if you only use a tincture on a sporadic basis, this can mean you don’t have to buy as much product, because the product you have will last longer.

Tinctures work fast. When you take CBD sublingually, for instance, the CBD is absorbed into the mucous membranes in your mouth, which allows it to enter your bloodstream more quickly and more effectively than other methods may.

Price. Tinctures, in general, are slightly less expensive than regular CBD oil. This makes them even more attractive to people who plan to use them regularly because they’ll be able to better afford them.

What are Tinctures For?

Tinctures are a great way to deliver CBD to your body if you wish to use CBD internally for health and wellness benefits. Although there are other methods of consumption for CBD, they aren’t as safe and effective as a tincture. Here’s why.

Vaping. While vaping is definitely the method that delivers CBD to your bloodstream the fastest, the CDC does not consider this method safe for use. There is a risk of lung injury and infection associated with vaping in general, and vaping CBD is not excluded from those risks.

Edibles. While edibles are generally considered safe for consumption, they do have to be digested, which makes them less desirable for delivering CBD to your bloodstream quickly and effectively. When a CBD edible is consumed, it will be broken down in the liver, which will result in less CBD making it to your bloodstream.

Capsules. While you can find CBD in capsular form, it’s not the best and most effective method for consuming CBD. Your body has to first break down the outer shell of the capsule before it can even process the CBD inside. Once the capsule is broken down, the CBD will also be broken down, much like an edible. The process, however, takes longer than when you eat an edible. Both edibles and capsules can take up to two hours to take effect.

Because of the safety concerns with vaping and the inability of an edible to deliver as much CBD to your body as you actually take in, using a tincture to deliver CBD is a much better option for someone who wants to add a CBD supplement to their health and wellness routine. QUL wellness tinctures are especially beneficial because they are formulated with MCT oil, which means more CBD will be bioavailable versus just being digested and wasted away.

CBD tinctures are highly concentrated solutions of CBD oil and a solvent like MCT oil. Using a tincture is a great way to introduce the health and wellness benefits of CBD to your body in a manner that is safe and effective!


Directions for how to use QUL Wellness Tinctures: Shake well before using. Using provided dropper, take desired amount daily. Repeat as needed at home or on the run as a powerful hemp extract facial oil.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.