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With today’s interest in traditional medicinal practices, it can be incredibly confusing to separate one supplement from another, determine which supplements support what health benefits best, and how much of each supplement is needed. Just taking a walk down the vitamin aisle in your local big box store is enough to give you a headache, and chances are you’ll have a hard time determining which supplement is most effective at providing headache relief, too.

One plant-based ingredient that can provide a lot of benefit for users with acute pain is capsicum. Capsicum refers to a class of flowering plants that produce chili peppers. The fruit (or pepper) of the plant can be ground down and used medicinally. In traditional medicine, capsicum is used to alleviate all sorts of pain ranging from occasional joint pain to mild muscle cramps.

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KULCBD uses capsicum in some of our health and wellness products as an accompanying ingredient to help alleviate pain. While we find that the soothing effects of cannabidiol (CBD) are effective in temporarily relieving pain, we use a combination of CBD and capsicum in our muscle and joint body cream to make it an even more effective pain alleviator than other creams that only contain one ingredient or the other.

If you’re unfamiliar with capsicum and it’s uses, we’re here to help. We’ll discuss how capsicum is grown and turned into a usable, medicinal compound, and also how you can effectively use it to treat your pain.

Where Does Capsicum Come From?

Because capsicum refers to red chili pepper, it is incredibly possible that you could grow it in your own backyard. These peppers originated in Mexico but are now grown worldwide for consumption as vegetables and for use in pain relievers. The journey from pepper to powder for use in products is relatively simple.

The fruit (or pepper) of the capsicum plant contains a chemical called capsaicin. Capsaicin is included in many pain relievers and creams as it seems to interact with pain receptors in the body and bring much-needed pain relief. This chemical is what causes the heat in peppers, and is also able to deliver a heat sensation when applied topically in a cream or lotion form to the skin. This heating sensation is able to help bring relief because it sends heat deep to the muscle or joint that is affected.

Capsaicin can be extracted from the seeds of the capsicum fruit and ground into a fine powder which can then be added to oils and creams. These oils and creams are then applied topically to deliver pain relief.

What Can Capsicum Do for Me?

While there are some that will use capsicum for treatment of other ailments (like sore throats and sinus conditions) the most popular usage (and the one that is backed by most evidence) is as a pain alleviator. This means it can be used in a cream, lotion, or patch, and is applied topically to deliver pain relief in an almost instant time frame for a short period of time.

If you’re curious about what kinds of pain capsicum can treat, here are just a few common pain ailments that capsicum can potentially help.

Joint pain. Sufferers of various types of joint pain may find temporary relief from capsicum treatment. Usually available in the form of patches, those affected by occasional joint pain can use capsicum patches and creams to target different localized areas of pain, especially the hands and knees.

Muscle strains and pulls. If you’ve pulled a muscle and can’t get any relief, using a capsicum cream could be a great solution for you. A natural, holistic way to treat your muscle pain is by using a capsicum cream. KULCBD’s muscle and joint body cream not only contains a healthy dose of soothing capsicum, but it also contains 400mg of high quality, full spectrum CBD oil, which is a known soothing agent especially helpful in soothing the occasional muscle strain.

The combination of CBD oil and capsicum allows our muscle and joint body cream to deliver the soothing properties of CBD along with the heating sensation of capsicum so you get instantaneous, soothing relief from sore muscles.

How to Safely Use Capsicum

If the thought of handling chili pepper ingredients sounds scary to you, we get it. Even handling chili peppers in cooking can sometimes be dangerous if you have a cut or scrape on your hands. Not to worry--once capsaicin has been extracted from capsicum and added to a pain relief product, it is much less concentrated than the fluid that comes directly out of the pepper.

You can safely apply a capsicum cream to your afflicted area without worrying that it will burn your hands or be difficult to remove.

If you need to use capsicum to treat your pain, you can do so generally very safely and effectively. Simply cleanse the area of localized pain and pat it dry. Then, apply some of your capsicum muscle and joint cream liberally to the affected area and massage it in, using a circular motion. Massage the cream into the area until it is fully absorbed; this will also help activate the capsicum in the cream and help bring about the heated, warming sensation that helps alleviate pain immediately.

If you’ve applied your topical treatment and are still experiencing pain, you can add additional cream to the area. Capsicum is not habit-forming, and there are very few side effects from use. It is generally well tolerated by most users.

In Summary

Capsicum is grown for consumption as food, and also for the chemical compound found in its seeds referred to as capsaicin. This chemical compound can be added to creams and lotions which can then be applied to localized areas of pain so that a user can get instant, topical relief.

Capsicum is a great, all-natural analgesic pain reliever that can be incredibly effective in alleviating mild to moderate acute pain. It is also effective in relieving everyday aches and pains like joint pain or muscle soreness.

KULCBD offers muscle and joint cream that contains not only capsicum, but also full spectrum CBD oil, which is an excellent soothing agent that can help reduce pain, so explore our wellness products today and find some pain relief for the inside and out!


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