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We will spend practically any amount of money and try virtually any kind of concoction if it promises to diminish the appearance of age on our faces. We are desperate for anything that promises to fill in those laugh lines, fade the hands of time that rest alongside the eye area, or smooth out our foreheads and restore the smooth, youthful appearance they once had. It seems like we are in a constant conquest for the next best face cream for wrinkles. At KULCBD, we wanted to weed through the options and find the best options available for wrinkle creams. What works and what doesn’t? What causes wrinkles to be more prominent? We have your complete guide to understanding facial wrinkles and the best anti-wrinkle creams to treat them.

What Causes Facial Wrinkles?

While there are a myriad of reasons you may be wrinkling faster (or slower) than others your age, how and when you will begin to develop wrinkles is largely determined by genetics. If your mother and father wrinkled by age 30, chances are that you will, too. Wrinkles are a part of the natural aging process because of decreased cell turnover, and as such are unavoidable. Even with cosmetic surgery, the appearance of fine lines will return, so the first step in making progress toward fighting wrinkles is to accept that, in some part, they’re going to be part of our life as we age. This doesn’t mean we can’t fight the aging process to some extent, but setting a realistic expectation for the disappearance of our wrinkles on our faces can help us better appreciate the face cream and eye cream for wrinkles we decide to use.

Other things aside from genetics can cause us to wrinkle faster and deeper. Here are some of the worst offenders.

Ultraviolet light. We all know that sun damage is bad for our skin, but even a small amount of sun can cause wrinkles to appear, and existing wrinkles to deepen along with areas of hyperpigmentation. UV light is the primary cause of wrinkles appearing earlier than they should. UV light breaks down elastin and collagen production and causes your skin to sag -- it can also cause skin cancer if not properly protected against. Your best protection against UV light is to always wear SPF, and to cover your skin as much as possible when exposed to the sun.

Smoking. There’s a connection between smoking and collagen loss, which means smoking can promote wrinkling, and not just around your lips. Besides the other negative effects of smoking, making you look older is another reason to avoid it altogether.

Free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that pull electrons from molecules in our bodies. When this happens, the molecule's biochemistry is altered and one of the results is premature aging. Free radical exposure can come from environmental pollution, and a great defense against this is using a face cream for wrinkles that includes antioxidants, which can help regulate free radicals and prevent them from harming your skin.

Repeated facial expressions. Smiling, furrowing your brow, laughing, and crying all cause wrinkles to appear on your face, so stop being so emotional! We’re kidding. But, you can make some adjustments that will prevent wrinkles from appearing due to repeated facial movement. If you sleep on your face, roll to your back. If you drink your beverages through a straw causing your lips to purse, consider switching to drinking directly from the glass.

Dehydration. One of the easiest ways to avoid premature wrinkles is to always stay hydrated. Your skin is the last organ to receive its share of the water you drink, so it’s important you are getting every last ounce of water you should have per day to ensure your skin is getting adequately quenched. Dehydrated skin becomes crepey and loses elasticity, making wrinkles, dark circles, and dark spots more prominent due to puffiness.

Aside from wearing sunscreen, avoiding pollution, and avoiding movements that cause our faces to wrinkle when they don’t have to, is there anything else we can do to prevent facial wrinkles? Of course! We can use high-quality dermatology practices like applying face cream and moisturizers for fine lines to help combat the signs of aging and try to slow the hands of time down just a little. So what should we be looking for in terms of the best anti-aging face cream? What ingredients are proven to work the best according to dermatologists? Let’s take a look.

What Should You Look for in a Face Cream for Wrinkles?

Not all face creams for wrinkles are created equally. Any drugstore marketing wizard knows the best way to sell us a face cream is to slap the term “anti-aging” on the label. Just because the label says it's an anti-aging cream, how can we really know that’s true? The answer is to examine the ingredients--the ingredients don’t (and can’t) lie. There are some great wrinkle fighters that you should look for in every face cream for wrinkles that you consider. Here is our list of our favorite wrinkle-busting ingredients for your skincare routine.

Milk Thistle. This all-natural environmental stressor fighter is a great anti-aging ingredient. Well-tolerated by all skin types, even sensitive skin, milk thistle helps to protect against the environment, can combat dry skin, and can protect skin from loss of water by causing skin cells to retain fluid. Think of it like an anti-diuretic for your skin.

Hemp seed oil. This oil is a fatty acid powerhouse and is also loaded with antioxidants. Not only can hemp seed oil help to protect against environmental stressors, but it can also help plump deep wrinkles in your skin (think nasolabial folds) and assist in keeping the skin fully hydrated alongside a fragrance-free lotion.

CBD oil. Some users swear to the use of CBD oil as the one ingredient that helps them maintain “glowing” skin. We’re pretty sure if you try it, you’ll agree. CBD oil, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, has the ability to balance out your skin’s natural moisture levels as a face moisturizer and can assist in brightening and moisturizing your skin.

Shea oil. Another antioxidant oil, shea oil helps to keep skin super soft and smooth, working to diminish even the deepest of wrinkles.

Trehalose and Galactoarabinan. These polysaccharides work synergistically to help protect your skin against environmental stressors like pollution. They may act as a protective barrier on the surface of your skin that could prevent certain pollutants from entering. When pollutants can’t enter, you can avoid the accelerated aging that comes from their exposure.

Chlorella Vulgaris extract. Full of fatty acids, this extract helps your skin maintain its natural elasticity. It works congruently with milk thistle to help skin stay hydrated and elastic throughout the day.

Scenedesmus Rubescens extract. This micro-algae based extract may assist in protecting your skin against the effects of digital devices. We aren’t sure why every skincare product doesn’t contain this ingredient, but we’re definitely happy to have some that do!

Lactobacillus ferment (probiotic). Probiotics help restore natural flora to our gut internally and to our skin externally. This means the natural, healthy bacteria that should be living on your skin to keep it looking young and youthful are promoted by this ingredient. A skin cream for wrinkles that contains a probiotic attacks aging by making sure your skin stays healthy.

Marshmallow root. A rare find in any beauty product, this plant extract contains mucilage, which helps hydrate and soothe irritated skin and can restore proper moisture balance and can help skin tone appear more even.

Retinol. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A which has shown to visibly reduce the appearance of aging. Retinol works by increasing the speed at which your skin cells turnover, making your epidermis work overtime. It’s important to note that you can experience skin sensitivity to retinol cream, so if you use face cream for wrinkles that contain a retinoid, be sure to spot-test it before applying it on your whole face.

Green tea. As if the aforementioned ingredients weren’t enough to put you into antioxidant overload, green tea is also packed full of environmental stressor fighters, too. When added to a creme for wrinkles, green tea not only has the potential to fight environmental effects, but it can also nourish skin with a combination of vitamin B3, minerals, and polyphenols that help keep skin bright and can provide a smoother, more even complexion all over.

Also look for other ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, shea butter, and glycolic acid.

Any product can claim to have anti-aging properties, but few products actually deliver on that promise. Your best insurance against getting bamboozled into buying an anti-aging product that simply does not work is to do your homework. Get familiar with the ingredients that have been tested, tried, and proven to work. Read product labels. Just because a night cream contains a hydrating ingredient that has been proven effective in the fight against wrinkles doesn’t mean it contains enough of that ingredient to make a difference. Product labels list ingredients in order of the amount of the ingredient the product contains, so look for your best anti-aging cream ingredients at the top of the list and you’ll know you’ve found a good, high-quality product.

KULCBD is committed to bringing you the very best wrinkle creams available. We test and retest our products until they are perfected. We offer products that are solutions-based, zero hype, and free from ingredients that are harmful or damaging to the skin. We provide face creams for wrinkles that our users love and trust for our quality ingredients, gentle yet powerful formula, and proven results.