There are a lot of products and ingredients out there that claim to be exceptional moisturizers. One of the most common skin issues is dryness and flaky skin, so finding the right moisturizer is essential to having radiant and healthy skin. Whether or not you’ve heard of panthenol, it’s worth learning more about what it can do for your skin as part of an effective vitamin-enriched skin care product.

What is Panthenol?

Simply put, panthenol is a provitamin, which is converted into vitamin B5 when applied topically. A provitamin is a substance that can be used as an ingredient in products, such as hair care or skin care products, which your body can then convert into a specific vitamin that’s beneficial.

Experience Better Moisture Retention

If you’re on the hunt for more nourishing skin care products, take a look at what products that use panthenol can do for your skin’s health. There are multiple benefits from adding panthenol, also known as vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, that will help keep your skin looking young, radiant, and healthy with regular use.

Impactful Hydration

When applied topically, your skin is able to absorb panthenol into the lower skin layers. This deep absorption allows for a better moisturizing effect. Some moisturizing ingredients may only be able to reach more surface-level skin cells, which can help skin look less dry but does not have a positive effect on skin cells deeper within the tissue. Panthenol’s ability to penetrate into all levels of your skin’s cells means it has a more thorough moisturizing effect, leading to longer-lasting hydration.

Get Stronger Barriers for Your Skin Cells

Along with helping moisture reach deeper levels of skin cells, panthenol also supports stronger barriers. This helps your skin cells retain water and further encourages longer-lasting hydration. When skin cell barriers are weaker, they’re less able to hold in moisture and will quickly lose any water they’re able to bring in from products or the environment.

Tackle Common Skin Problems

Whether you’re hoping to get rid of dry, flaky skin or reduce redness, using skin care products that include panthenol as one of the ingredients can have a positive impact. Used regularly, panthenol can help deep skin cells both heal and stay hydrated. This combined impact makes a huge difference for dry, itchy skin and irritating redness.

It’s Simple to Add to Your Skin Care Routine

As far as quality skin care ingredients go, panthenol is easy to use. There are not many other ingredients that react negatively to its inclusion in skin care products, so it tends to work well hand-in-hand with other products in your skin care routine.

Panthenol Skin Care is a Safe Option

There are also only rarely side effects to using panthenol. While there’s no guarantee you won’t notice problems when using it, most people are not allergic. Because it works well with most other ingredients you may have in other skin care products on your counter, you’re unlikely to run into problems as a result of bad interactions either.

Maximize the Effect with the Right Routine

The most important factor when adding panthenol to your skin care routine is paying attention to how you’re using it, rather than what you’re using with it. The best first step is to clean your skin and remove as much dirt, grime, and pollutants as possible. Our exfoliating cleanser is a great product to remove dirt and toxins from deep in your pores before applying other products. Once your skin is clean, any applied moisturizer will have a more positive effect on the health and hydration of your skin. There also is no known negative impact to applying products with panthenol more than once a day if you feel it would be beneficial for your skin.

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Try Luxury Skin Care Products with Panthenol

Finding a high-quality skin care product that includes panthenol for moisturizing is not a difficult task. However, if you care about using natural ingredients and vitamin-enriched products, KUL CBD offers a variety of products to take your skin care routine to the next level. We care about how our ingredients are sourced and keeping ingredients as natural as possible so that your skin stays happy and healthy without negative side effects.