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Even if you’re not ready to make the jump to complete holistic remedies, you may be looking for small ways you can make more natural choices for your body. One way to do this is by using a high-quality supplement to provide overall wellness. However, a big deciding factor for some people is how much product it will take for them to supplement their health, how much that product will cost, and how long it will last.

CBD oil is a great option for those considering adding a supplement to their healthcare lineup. It provides numerous health and wellness benefits, is generally well tolerated by all, and has been used for centuries. Until recently (specifically 2018), CBD wasn’t legal to be commercially produced and distributed. The Farm Bill of 2018 however made it legal to produce and distribute, though there are state specific laws surrounding the distribution and consumption of CBD.

KULCBD delivers CBD skincare and wellness products that are a perfect fit for anyone with a healthy, active, natural lifestyle. Especially essential when switching to a more holistic approach to your overall wellness is working with a company whose products you can trust to deliver exactly as promised. KULCBD is that company; we exist to provide high-end skincare and wellness to you in products that are not only effective, but long lasting.

If you’re considering beginning a supplementation of CBD oil, you should know the average amount of CBD oil taken orally varies from person to person. Speak to your healthcare professional about what amount is best for you. A common recommended starting dosage can be as low as 20mg per day. How much CBD oil you take will depend on the following factors:

Why you are taking CBD oil

Your age, height, and weight

The amount of CBD in the product

Once you have decided how much you will take, be sure to take a smaller dose to ensure you do not experience adverse effects from it. While it is well tolerated by most people and deemed by the World Health Organization as one of very few drugs to have virtually no adverse effects, there are always outliers and it is always better to play it safe!

Once you are comfortably taking the dose that is most effective for you, you can better determine how long a good, high-quality CBD oil product will last. Be wary of CBD oil products that come in extremely large sizes at rock bottom prices. These are almost assuredly cheaply made and contain really low quality CBD oil. Additionally, they likely don’t contain much CBD oil at all; they probably contain more filler oils and solvents than they do the actual ingredient you want and need.

When discussing how long CBD oil will last, we need to look at three things: type of CBD oil (isolate, broad spectrum, or full spectrum), concentration, and your own dosage.

Types of CBD Oil

When CBD oil became legal to commercially produce and manufacture, everyone was jumping on the bandwagon to add CBD oil to their products. While some of this was good news, a lot of it wasn’t. The market is now flooded with products that tout the benefits of the inclusion of CBD oil, however it’s important to point out that many of these products don’t contain good quality CBD oil, and most of them contain only a trace amount of CBD oil.

CBD oil comes in three forms: isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum. These three types delineate how the CBD oil has been extracted from the hemp plant, and what was extracted along with it. The hemp plant produces many other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, fibers, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which are extremely beneficial.

Isolate. Isolate oil is CBD oil that has been extracted by itself. It is only cannabidiol; no other hemp plant parts have been included. While marketing may attempt to convince you that isolate oil is a “good” thing (i.e. claims of 100% “pure” cannabidiol), isolate is actually the least desirable of the three types of oils because none of the other beneficial plant parts have been included in the oil along with it.

CBD isolate oil is really cheap to manufacture, so many of the products you find today will contain this type of oil. Especially products that come in large bottles or large quantities; you can almost always be certain the oil will be isolate. KULCBD never uses isolate oil in our lineup of health and wellness products for these purposes.

Broad Spectrum. Broad spectrum oil has been extracted from the hemp plant along with all other usable plant parts except THC. THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana that gives a user a “high.” The species of hemp plant most commonly used for CBD oil extraction contains a very small amount of THC to begin with, unlike its sister plant (the marijuana plant) which contains much more.

Broad spectrum oil is a much higher quality oil because of the inclusion of the additional plant parts.

Full Spectrum. Full spectrum CBD oil has been extracted from the hemp plant along with all other usable plant parts, including a trace amount of THC. Before you write this one off, you should know the amount of THC is less than .3%, which is the legal limit. This amount is not enough to cause a user to feel “high” and does not produce any type of psychoactive effect.

The benefit of using a full spectrum CBD oil is that you get the opportunity to experience the “entourage effect,” which means all the parts of the hemp plant are working together synergistically to provide you, the user, with the maximum CBD benefit possible.

Full spectrum CBD oil is the highest quality CBD oil available and its inclusion in products makes them slightly more expensive, as it is the oil most expensive to manufacture.

Concentration of CBD Oil, Dosage, and How Long it Will Last

The saying “your mileage may vary” is applicable here. How long the effects of CBD oil will last is entirely dependent on the specific type of oil you are using, the dosage, and your own body chemistry. Another deciding factor is how you take the CBD oil. If you take the CBD oil via a tincture, for instance, the effects may last longer than if you choose an edible.

Your own personal body chemistry plays a huge role in how long the effects of CBD oil will last in your system. Because CBD oil is stored in fat cells, a user with a lower percentage of body fat will have an experience that lasts a significantly shorter time than a user who has more body weight.

Generally speaking, the effects of CBD last anywhere between two to six hours. Again, if you are using a CBD isolate oil, the chances of your experience lasting a shorter time period are higher. A higher quality, more highly concentrated CBD product taken at a higher dose will produce effects that last quite a bit longer than a low dosage of CBD isolate oil with a very small concentration in the product.

Another factor to consider is your frequency of use of the CBD oil product. This will vary depending on why you are taking your CBD oil. For instance, if you are using a tincture sublingually to simply promote overall health and wellness, you may only take one dose of CBD oil per day. The initial effects may last only two to six hours, however, if you are continually taking this dose every day the CBD will remain in your system and you will experience a longer term effect of the product.

If, however, you are only using CBD every once in a while, say, to relieve occasional joint pain, you may only experience the effects of your CBD dose for a few hours before needing to take it again if you are still in pain. Some users like to take CBD several times a day when they are specifically targeting a specific benefit.

Additionally, when you are applying CBD oil topically, the effects of the CBD oil become cumulative. In other words, the more often you apply the CBD skin care, the more chance you will have to see successful results with it, because your skin will enjoy the benefits of the CBD oil skincare on a repetitive basis.

The effects of CBD oil last anywhere between two to six hours, depending on an individual person’s age, height, weight, body chemistry, and overall health. The quality and concentration of the CBD oil are also huge factors in determining how long the effects of a CBD product will last. Your individual dosage (which will vary depending on the reason why you are taking the CBD oil) will also make the effects of your CBD oil differ from the experience another person has.


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