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Everywhere you turn it seems someone else is talking about the benefits they enjoy by using their favorite CBD products. It’s in the news, on social media, and in the homes of your friends and family members. Practically everyone is jumping on the CBD bandwagon, and if you haven’t joined in, you might be experiencing a little fear of missing out. If you don’t know the first thing about CBD, though, how do you even know where to begin? We’re here to help.

KULCBD is a company that delivers luxury CBD skincare and wellness products to our customers with a satisfaction guarantee. We demand excellence from our products just like our customers, so you’ll never be disappointed. Our products are formulated with high-quality CBD sourced from trusted growers, and always third party lab-tested to ensure quality and quantity.

Our lineup of products includes an extensive four-step CBD skincare line that cleanses, hydrates, heals, and replenishes. Our wellness products are go-to products for alleviating everyday muscle and joint aches and pains and promoting overall health and wellbeing. We know CBD and the CBD industry so we can help you educate yourself on CBD.

If you’re confused about CBD and how it relates to marijuana, we understand. There are a lot of misconceptions about what CBD is, and what CBD is not. Many people who don’t understand the difference wonder if CBD will get them high or somehow cause them to fail a drug test.

These are all concerns that are valid because CBD is taken from the same species of plant as marijuana. However, CBD and marijuana are two completely different products. While both may have their own health benefits, there are different laws about production and manufacture that govern them both, and also different ways in which they are produced.

Together we will learn about what CBD is, where it comes from, how it is manufactured and distributed, and how it differs from marijuana. We will also find out what kinds of CBD products can be the most beneficial to you if you are considering using CBD. The reason you are taking CBD will determine what kind of product works best for you, and how much of the product you should take. It should be noted at the outset that there’s no one-size-fits-all for dosing CBD. Your mileage may vary depending on how much CBD is contained in your CBD product, the quality of your CBD, and your own personal body chemistry.

What is CBD?

You are already familiar with marijuana and know that a person who uses a marijuana product is subject to a euphoric experience that makes them feel “high.” A person who uses marijuana feels “high” because of a chemical compound in the marijuana product called tetrahydrocannabinol, or “THC.” THC is one of over one hundred cannabinoids found in the leaves of the cannabis sativa plant. A cannabinoid is the name given to these chemical compounds. There are other cannabinoids that produce a psychoactive effect like THC does, but they do not produce as much of a psychoactive effect as THC. THC does have some beneficial medical uses, but there are very strict laws protecting the distribution and use of this compound.

Cannabidiol, or “CBD” is another cannabinoid found in the cannabis sativa plant. This cannabinoid, like the majority of the cannabinoids found in the plant, does not have any psychoactive effect, and will not get a user “high” or leave them feeling “loopy.” The Farm Bill of 2018 made the manufacture and distribution of CBD legal nationwide, however, each individual state has their own laws governing distribution and use.

Commercially grown CBD is taken from one particular species of the cannabis sativa plant. There are two main species; the hemp species and the marijuana species. As such, you’ll see CBD sometimes referred to as either “hemp-derived” or “marijuana-derived.” This simply refers to which plant produced the CBD.

Commercially grown hemp produces a large amount of CBD and a very small amount of THC. Conversely, the marijuana species of cannabis sativa produces a large amount of THC, and only a trace amount of CBD. Whether a CBD product is “hemp-derived” or “marijuana-derived” does not ultimately matter in terms of CBD effectiveness; CBD is the same on a molecular level. However, because laws regulate the production and growth of hemp plants and marijuana plants, most all CBD you find will be hemp-derived.

Is All CBD Oil the Same?

No, not all CBD oil is the same. CBD oil can be extracted from the hemp plant in three different formulas, or strengths: CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD, and full spectrum CBD. Here’s a brief outline of the differences between these oils.

CBD isolate oil. CBD isolate oil is sometimes referred to as “pure CBD.” This is really a marketing ploy to try to convince a user that the oil contained in their particular CBD product is somehow better than another. The fact is, CBD isolate oil is an oil that contains only CBD. It contains no other plant parts.

One of the most beneficial factors of CBD is its ability to deliver other vital hemp plant extracts to a user. These include things like flavonoids, terpenes, fibers, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. When all of these ingredients are included in a CBD oil along with the CBD, it’s said to produce the entourage effect. The entourage effect means that all the plant ingredients are working together synergistically to deliver maximum benefit to the user.

A CBD isolate oil cannot produce the entourage effect, and it’s why we at KULCBD don’t offer it in any of our products. CBD isolate is also the cheapest to manufacture, meaning the quality of the oil is significantly lower than broad or full spectrum oils.

Broad spectrum CBD oil. This oil is a huge step up from isolate oil. Broad spectrum oil includes all plant parts except THC. While broad spectrum oil cannot produce the entourage effect (because it specifically does not include THC) it is able to better deliver more benefit to the user than an isolate oil because it includes so many more vital plant parts than an isolate.

Broad spectrum oil is a great option for people who want their CBD oil to be more effective and want to gain the benefits of the other super healthful parts of the hemp plant. If you are a user who cannot tolerate any amount of THC in your CBD products, then broad spectrum oil would be an excellent choice for you.

Full spectrum CBD oil. Full spectrum oil includes all usable plant parts and a trace amount of THC. Now, before you begin to think that a full spectrum oil will get you high, it won’t. The amount of THC allowed in a full spectrum CBD oil product must be less than .3% by federal law. This amount is a trace amount, and will not get a full spectrum CBD oil user high or make them otherwise incapacitated. In fact, this trace amount of THC is only provided so that the user can experience the entourage effect.

What CBD Products Are Most Beneficial

Now that you know where CBD comes from and what it is, you can determine which products are best for you to try.

If you are looking for an overall complement to your health and wellness, a great option would be to use a CBD oil tincture. KULCBD offers tinctures crafted in a variety of flavors, like our Green Tea Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, that are excellent additions to food and beverages and can also be taken sublingually, for a faster effect.

Looking for relief for those occasional sore muscles and joints? CBD also has excellent soothing properties, which make it a wonderful, all-natural solution for everyday muscle and joint pain. Our muscle and joint body cream includes 400mg of full spectrum CBD oil, which can help ease your discomfort and bring fast relief.

If it’s skincare you’re into, you’ll love our skincare line. From our probiotic and CBD packed exfoliating cleanser, to our highly concentrated Luxury CBD Oil Face Serum, you’ll experience the full amount of benefits CBD has to offer your skin. Our moisturizers are second to none and not only include full spectrum CBD oil, but also our proprietary blend of lactobacillus probiotic to keep your skin healthy.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is beneficial in treating certain ailments both internally and externally. It is extracted from the leaves of a particular species of the cannabis sativa plant, and is commercially grown and manufactured. CBD oil can be extracted in three different formulas or “strengths.” The differences between CBD isolate oil, broad spectrum, and full spectrum oils are the other ingredients that are included with the CBD oil. CBD oil that is full spectrum contains all other usable plant parts and can produce the entourage effect. CBD oil can be added to tinctures, skincare items, and creams to bring you beneficial relief and compliment your overall health and wellness.

KULCBD offers products that are always third-party lab tested and trustworthy, so take the first step toward better luxury skincare and improved well-being today and see what quality CBD can offer you!


Directions for how to use QUL Wellness Tinctures: Shake well before using. Using provided dropper, take desired amount daily. Repeat as needed at home or on the run as a powerful hemp extract facial oil.

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